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Lasell Cognition and Aging Lab

Lab Director: Zane Zheng, Ph.D.

10/2023 - Professor Zheng has been awarded a Faculty Research Grant from Psi Chi to support his ongoing research
​                   with students.

09/2023 - Professor Zheng is a Co-PI on a National Science Foundation grant (Award # 2328235): Using a Novel
                    Cross-cultural Platform to Train Social and Behavioral Sciences Undergraduates as Emerging Leaders
                    in Best Research Practices.

08/2023 - Professor Zheng is the recipient of the 2022-23 Florence L. Denmark Faculty Advisor Award from Psi Chi. 
                    This international award is the highest honor Psi Chi bestows on an advisor.

03/2023 - Professor Zheng has been awarded an APA Board of Educational Affairs Grant to organize a conference on
                    teaching research ("Teaching Research Excellence: Education, Strategies, & Practices").

                    - Conference program:

10/2022 - Psi Chi Lasell Chapter has been awarded a Chapter Activity Grant to organize a community event ("Stress
") for helping students manage their stress with the power of psychology.

08/2022 - Psi Chi Lasell Chapter has received a Model Chapter Award from Psi Chi, being one of the 28 chapters out
                    of all 1,150 chapters to achieve the Model Chapter status this year.

07/2022 - Professor Zheng is a recipient of the 2021-22 Unrestricted Faculty Travel Grants from Psi Chi.

07/2022 - Professor Zheng is a recipient of the 2022 APA Committee on Early Career Psychologists/National
                   Register of Health Service Psychologists Convention Travel Grant

06/2022 ​- Professor Zheng is a recipient of the Action Teaching Grant from Society for the Psychological Study of
                    Social Issues , for his project titled "
Exploring a PERFECT model to reduce ageism".

03/2022 ​- Professor Zheng is a recipient of the Instructional Resource Grant from APA Division 2 Society for the
                    Teaching of Psychology, for his project titled "
A Relevance-centered Instructional Framework Based on a
                    Four-phase Model of Interest Development in Learning

03/2022 - Professor Zheng has been awarded a Packard Grant to conduct a research project on the sense of body

12/2021 - Professor Zheng has been  awarded a Provost Grant In Time to continue his research on the link between
                   social media and psychological well-being.

12/2020 - Professor Zheng is a recipient of an APA CABE Teaching Resources Award for his proposal titled "An     
                   adaptive and student-centered teaching framework for Neuroscience courses based on real-life             

10/2020 - Psi Chi Lasell Chapter, of which Professor Zheng is the Faculty Advisor, has been awarded a Psi Chi
                   Model Chapter Award

08/2020 - Professor Zheng was invited to speak to Lasell Village residents about age-related cognitive changes
@Lasell Morning Show.

05/2020 - Our lab members, Skye Bouffard & Deanna Giglio have received the Social Science Departmental
                    Award for Distinction in Research
. Congrats!

08/2019 - Professor Zheng was the invited speaker for the Lasell Presidential Speaker Series on December 12, 2019.

08/2019- Professor Zheng has received an APA Early Career Achievement Award.

05/2019 - Professor Zheng has joined Psi Chi's NICE (Network for International Collaborative Exchange) committee
                   and Psi Chi's Evaluator Team.

09/2018 - Professor Zheng has received a Teacher/Scholar Travel Award from the Society for Personality and Social
                   Psychology (SPSP) to present his research at the 2019 Annual Convention.

04/2018 - Our lab member, Chavelyn Santana, has received the
Social Science Departmental Award for
                   Distinction in Research
. Congrats!

05/2017 - Professor Zheng has received an APA International Conference Award to present his research in
                   Sweden this summer.

05/2017 - Our lab member, Samira Fahey, has received the Social Science Departmental Award for Distinction in
. Congrats!

04/2017 - Our lab member, Lauren Hill, was accepted into the Masters program in Psychology at SUNY Stony
                   Brook, her hometown school. Congrats!

02/2017 - Our lab member, Samira Fahey, was accepted into the graduate program in Mental Health Counseling
                    at Boston College. Congrats!

01/2017 - Our lab alum, Madelyn Torres, was accepted into the MSW/MPH dual graduate program at Boston
                   University. Congrats!

12/2016 - Professor Zheng has received an
Early Career Travel Grant by the Society for the Teaching of Psychology.

12/2016 - Professor Zheng discusses his Cognition and Aging Lab on Leaves. See the article here

11/2016 - Samira Fahey presented her poster at 2016 Psychonomic Society Meeting! See some photos here.

09/2016 - Brianna Gillette and Olivia Sroka have joined the lab as Lab Manager and Research Assistant
                    respectively. Welcome!

​​07/2016 - Our lab alum, Mad Torres, is now the Lab Manager at USF, after working as Research Assistant at both
                   UC Berkeley and UCSF. Congrats!

​​​​​​07/2016 - Professor Zheng was invited to share his views on the field of Neuropsychology at 
                   (See full interview

​05/2016 - Our lab members, Lyndsey, Christine and Jackie presented their posters at APS conference and had
                   great fun in Chicago! See some photos

04/2016 - Professor Zheng has received a Packard grant to continue his research on self-consciousness.

09/2015 - Professor Zheng has started his 2nd term as the Faculty Fellow at Fuss Center for Aging.

05/2015 - Our lab member, Beatrice, has received the 2nd poster award at Massachusetts Gerontology Association
                   Annual Convention. Congrats!

10/2014 - Professor Zheng's research on voice perception was featured in the Belgian newspaper De Standaard (see 
                   the article

05/2014 - Professor Zheng has received a Packard grant to study body perception and awareness.